Become a Home Hospitality Host in 2024

Global Ties San Francisco implements the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), along with a variety of other international exchange programs, bringing over 700 visitors to the San Francisco Bay Area annually. A core offering for our visitors that is often regarded as the most impactful part of their exchange experience is Home Hospitality—the opportunity to enjoy a meal with local residents. The success of our international exchange programs would not be possible without our amazing Citizen Diplomats who open their homes to visitors, providing a welcoming window into life in the U.S., and creating lasting memories and connections. These Citizen Diplomats, called Home Hospitality Hosts, know that nothing sets a table for mutual understanding better than sharing a meal.

We regularly seek local Bay Area residents interested in hosting our visitors for a meal and expanding our Home Hospitality Host pool. Joining our Home Host Network makes you a member of our organization, allows you to join a supportive community you can bounce ideas off of, grants you exclusive access to upcoming Home Hospitality opportunities and details on the visitors, and ultimately opens the door for you to make invaluable connections around the world. Fellow Hosts are also often more than happy to co-host alongside you for your first experience to help show you the ropes!

When? We are always looking to expand our pool of Home Hospitality Hosts, and encourage you to express your interest in becoming a Home Host soon to be considered for February 2024 opportunities and beyond.

Who? Small groups of 2-5 international professionals from a variety of fields. Program topics, group sizes, and dietary considerations will be shared in advance.

Language Spoken? All visitors will have the ability to communicate with Hosts in English, either through a provided interpreter or personal knowledge of the language.

Where? Hospitality must take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The traditional hosting location is one’s home, but we welcome creative ideas like a potluck at a park!

What to Expect: Global Ties San Francisco staff will send an email to all vetted Hosts announcing an upcoming group available for Home Hospitality. As interested Hosts respond, we will coordinate details such as dietary restrictions, timing, number of visitors, hosting location, and transportation. The visitors will arrive at your home or preferred location to share a meal with you. Friendly conversations create a deeper appreciation of life’s commonalities and make an indelible impact, sometimes leading to long-term friendships. Similarly, hosts open themselves up to a rich, international exchange opportunity, getting to know the visitors.

Contact: If you are interested in hosting international delegations, have any questions, or would like to receive more information, please connect with us.

Note: A second—though less common—opportunity is our Homestay program, wherein local residents go the extra mile and host a visitor overnight. Express interest in becoming a Home Host of either program, and we can fill you in on your options!