Intern Spotlight: Alexandra Iliopoulou

Meet Our Summer 2024 Intern!

Alexandra Iliopoulou is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, after recently completing the first two years of her Dual Degree program at Sciences Po Paris in France for a degree in Economies and Societies with a regional focus on the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Alexandra’s studies in France were pivotal for her academic and professional growth. During this time, she experienced firsthand the importance of cultural exchange and deepened her understanding of local cultures through two research trips to Jordan and Cyprus.

With a love for immersion in international environments, Alexandra was attracted to the International Programs internship at Global Ties San Francisco, where she can engage with International Visitors and showcase her native San Francisco Bay Area.

“During this internship, I am most looking forward to exploring the inner mechanisms of the IVLP and how the program supports the goals of U.S. foreign policy. I am also interested in learning more about the role the San Francisco Bay Area plays in the larger global economy.”

In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Welcome to the intern team, Alexandra!