Intern Spotlight: Jensen Zack

Meet Our Intern!

Jensen Zack is an International Studies major at the University of San Francisco and one of our spring 2024 International Visitors Programming Interns at Global Ties San Francisco.

While her studies focus on culture, society, and values with a concentration on the Middle East, Jensen already recognizes the unmatched impact of cultural exchange. She had the opportunity to immerse herself in another way of life during a memorable excursion to Jodhpur, India, connecting to the pulse of the local culture while enjoying the Sacred Spirit Music Festival.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking—a holdover from her brief stint as a chef—and spending time outdoors with her dog.

“Global Ties San Francisco seemed like the perfect place to utilize my somewhat varied academic background, giving me a way to not only interact with people from all over the globe but learn and grow from their experiences.”

Jensen joins our Global Ties San Francisco intern team eager to connect her academic understanding to day-to-day application of our diplomacy and cultural exchange work.

Welcome to the team, Jensen!