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Global Ties San Francisco is currently accepting applications for Spring 2024 internships (fully remote and hybrid).

Embrace this opportunity to cultivate cross-cultural communication and diplomacy skills, while refining written and oral communication, research, and analytical abilities. Become a member of our team and contribute to the success of international delegation visits. Interns provide critical programmatic support through community outreach, research, representation in sessions for our visiting dignitaries, and social media content creation.

Global Ties San Francisco implements the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), along with a variety of other international exchange programs, bringing over 700 visitors to the San Francisco Bay Area annually. A core offering for our visitors that is often regarded as the most impactful part of their exchange experience is Home Hospitality—the opportunity to enjoy a meal with local residents. The success of our international exchange programs would not be possible without our amazing Citizen Diplomats who open their homes to visitors, providing a welcoming window into life in the U.S., and creating lasting memories and connections. These Citizen Diplomats, called Home Hospitality Hosts, know that nothing sets a table for mutual understanding better than sharing a meal.